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The Most Common Questions From Providers Working With DHMS

  • DHMS is a contractor or subcontractor for the Federal Government. So what is a Government Contractor?
    A government contractor is awarded a contract by one or many departments of the U.S. Government. We deploy our own contractors, Medical and Dental professionals, to fulfill these contracts.
  • Will I have to have a background check?
    Yes, we require all our contractors to complete a background check which is provided as part of the welcome packet.
  • Why am I not seeing my events on my dashboard?
    During the summer months DHMS experiences a lull in the number of scheduled events. If no events appear on your dashboard, it is because there are no scheduled events in your area at this time.
  • How long does an event last?
    The dental lead will dismiss the team once all service members have been seen. Should an event last longer than 10 hours, contractors are reimbursed for each additional hour at 10% of their daily rate on a per minute basis. At times, there will be what is termed "abbreviated events", which are events that are expected to be under six hours. Contractors are compensated for no less than four hours. Compensation for these events is half of the daily rate.
  • Would I be a Government Employee?
    No. You would receive your payment for services from DHMS
  • When will my background check run?
    Background checks for new contractors are not processed until one week before a confirmed event
  • When do events take place?
    Events are primarily scheduled on weekends. However, during summer months we do experience a lull in the number of events, and there will often be several months where no events are scheduled.
  • When will my payment be processed?
    Payments are processed two weeks after the completion of an event. Payments are mailed to the contractor's address on file, or made via direct deposit if the contractor has a direct deposit on file.
  • How do I approve my mileage?
    Mileage is reimbursed at the government rate of $0.56 per mile and based on the shortest timed route using Google Maps. See the chart below for a more detailed example of how mileage compensation works.

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