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Mobile Dental Care Services

Mobile Dentistry for Corporations, Remote Communities, and Senior Communities

Since 2007, our teams have provided mobile dental services to senior living communities, corporations, and remote communities. Our mobile dental services are delivered directly to your office or community doors and are designed to adapt comfortably to any patient's needs, even those with limited mobility.


With Dental Health Management Solutions, you can have all your dental health needs met in as little as one or two visits a year. No more need to travel to the dentist. Now your dentist comes to you! Eliminate all the stress and hassle of dentist office visits, by taking advantage of our customizable portable and mobile dental care services today!

Dental Tools in Pocket
Mobile Dentistry

The Talent and Tools, Now Mobile and Portable

Experienced Mobile Dentistry Services

We have nearly two decades of portable and mobile dental clinic experience, which comes with all of the traditional services you’d expect from a dental practice. We have always used the latest in portable dental equipment and the most qualified dental professionals. Meaning, Dental Health Management Solutions is ideally equipped and skilled in providing patients a similar dental experience to a traditional dental practice in any unique scenario imaginable.

Mobile Dentistry Services for Corporations

Save Money and Bring Mobile Dental Care to your Workplace

Sick days and productivity losses from workers coming to work in poor health are two of the biggest money losses any business faces. Knowing this, it's important that all companies put their employees' health as a high priority. Healthy and happy employees mean greater productivity for you, and good health starts in the mouth.


A recent study found that 252.2 million work hours were lost in 2017 for non-cosmetic visits to the dentist. Cut down on the travel time and wait for your employees, and schedule the mobile dental services professionals.


Let us take care of your employees, and watch your productivity soar.

Mobile Dentistry for Nursing Homes and Senior Communities

Senior Mobile Dentistry Services

Dental Health Management Solutions was started specifically to provide caring mobile dentistry services for senior communities and nursing homes in the central Texas region, and we still do! A licensed dentist and dental assistant that specializes in senior dental care travel to senior communities, conducting exams and treatments for elderly patients. Seniors are more prone to dental decay, and one of the main causes is a lack of mobility and transportation. A good quality of life begins with a healthy smile. Knowing these two things, Dental Health Management Solutions brings our mobile dentist directly to nursing homes and senior communities.


Our senior dental care services include diagnostics and a full series of x-rays, preventative semi-annual cleanings, and restorative treatment. Note: Our senior mobile dentistry service is a regional service which we provide in the central Texas area. If you or a loved one are seeking a mobile dentist for seniors, please call 512-270-5201 to see if your senior community is in our geographic area and if we already provide dental care services for your senior community.

Full Service Mobile Dentistry

All the Capabilities, but in a Portable and mobile Setting

Our mobile and portable dental equipment is easily transportable and operated by well-trained dental health care professionals. These unique teams give us the capability of providing full dental exams and dental hygiene services. Test out our mobile dentist and you'll be surprised by what we can do when we bring the dentist to you!


Our mobile dentistry services capabilities include:


  • Diagnostics

  • Preventive

  • Case Management

  • Clinical Hygiene

  • Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy

  • Restorative

  • Endodontic

  • Removable Prosthodontics

  • Extractions


If need be, we provide follow up recommendations for your employees or residents and refer to network dentists in the surrounding area.

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