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Correctional Facility Dental Services

Nationwide Dental Care Services for Jails and Prisons

Dental Care with Dignity

We have been providing quality dental services for over a decade, and pride ourselves in the professionalism and experience of our dental teams. We provide dignified dental care and treatment for both the adult and juvenile populations. We have years of experience in providing safe and secure dental exams and treatment. With Dental Health Management Solutions, you'll ensure that the inmate population in your facility receives the best quality of care.

Minimize Your Risk

With our portable dental care model, corrections facilities of all sizes can minimize the potential risks they wrestle with regarding correctional dentistry services. By bringing dental services inside the security of your facility, Dental Health Management Solutions can provide both comprehensive and secure dentistry exams and treatment to the interned populations.

Quality, Customized Dentistry Services

We have had over a decade of experience and practice to ensure our dentistry services always meet or surpass the standards established by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC.) We do this while also offering the best value for every dollar our jails and prison facilities clients spend. Our cost-effective, correctional care dentistry services are fully customizable for any size facility, both adult and juvenile populations, in the smallest county jails, the largest statewide prison systems, and everything in between.

Inmate and Prison Services

Mitigation and Contingency Planning

Put all concerns at rest with our strategic Dental Services

Our proven portable dental services eliminate two major concerns while providing the best dental care to inmates. We offer you risk free dental solutions while simultaneously reducing costs. 

With no transportation of inmates, and your facility's security measures in place, there is essentially no risk to portable dental health care. Your biggest concern is escapes, and so is ours. Our customers report a 40% reduction in escapes since switching to our services.

Invest Your Resources Elsewhere

Reducing your Costs with Portable Dentistry

Providing services within your facility means you save time, money, and manpower. With portable dental care that comes to your facility, these precious resources that would have been spent transporting inmates outside the facility can be reallocated.


We provide all the equipment, experienced staff, and forms necessary to see your inmates. We take the work of caring for the dentistry needs of your inmates off your plate, so you can invest your resources elsewhere.

Mobile and Portable Capabilities

Our mobile, portable, dental equipment is easily transportable and operated by well-trained dental health care professionals. These unique teams give us the capability of providing full dental exams and treatment.

Our services capabilities include:

  • Diagnostics

  • Preventive

  • Case Management

  • Clinical Hygiene

  • Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy

  • Restorative

  • Endodontic

  • Removable Prosthodontics

  • Extractions

In cases of complicated oral surgery and complex endodontic cases, we refer to network dentists in the surrounding area.

Dental Services for You Wherever and Whenever.

Reduce your costs and your risks while improving the general health of the entire prison population.

Get in touch with one of our correctional institution care specialists today.

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