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About Us



Before DHMS, our CEO, Shane Stevens, began his career as the Director of five assisted living centers. Faced with endless frustration that he couldn't find quality dental care for his senior residents, he and his wife, Jennifer Stevens, were driven in 2003 to start up DHMS
After a year of providing mobile dental care for senior communities, DHMS quickly recognized that it wasn't only our seniors that were in need of improved access to dental services. Ever since, DHMS has been successfully redefining traditional definitions of dental health care for Military Readiness events, correctional institutions, assisted living facilities, corporate settings, and remote communities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader and innovator in the management of non-traditional dental solutions. We bring dental solutions directly to a variety of sectors where the need is high, but access is low. Our primary purpose is to increase access to care and touch the lives of more patients.

Our Vision

As one of the leading mobile and portable dental care providers in the industry, we attribute our success to the care we take in our work, and the relationships we've fostered over the years.


Our highest priority is our customers and they deserve impeccable service from top professionals. We are committed to providing just that.


Our staff and contractors are our internal customers, and we understand that providing quality service to our customers, begins with a culture of respect, responsibility, and servant leadership for each other.


Our culture and the relationships we've built give us the ability to have a broader impact in the industry and a positive impact on people's lives. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer. Reach out to us with any questions. Dental Health Management Solutions is here for you.

How Our Story Began

The Experts Behind the Scenes

Our internal staffing team is skilled in recruiting and staffing superior, well-qualified individuals with all the the credentials to competently perform mobile dentistry. Our staffing team works tirelessly to ensure we are staffing safe, reliable citizens through extensive credentialing and verifying records with FBI background checks. Rest assured, with Dental Health Management Solutions we unwaveringly and systematically staff only the best…always.

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Our Guiding Minds

Meet the driving force behind Dental Health Management Solutions! Each of these individuals brings a unique element of expertise for each aspect of our mobile dental care services. Meet the experts and visionaries that provide the support and direction for our front-line dental professionals.

Join Our Rock Star Team

Providing quality mobile dental care for our customers is what drives us to be the best every day. If you feel passionate that everyone deserves the best in  dental care, and you want to work alongside professionals on the cutting edge of and dental care, then you need to join our team! Reach out today to see how you can join our corporate team or our nationwide contractor network.

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