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Sharpening Steel With Steel: Building Business Through Leadership

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



by John Babineau, D.M.D., Chief Dental Officer

There has been a lot happening here at Capital Dental Equipment over the summer. We are very excited to share with you a few highlights! A new team member and some great incentives for purchasing one of our great X-Ray units!

The team grows…

We are please to welcome Andrew Sousa to the team as Division Director of Sales & Operations. Let’s get to know Andrew!

Determined to help build a special company, Andrew joined Capital Dental Equipment in June of 2019 as Division Manager. He is responsible for strategy, growth and overall operations. His passion for helping dentists deliver great care and support has led him back into the dental industry.

Prior to Capital Dental Equipment, Andrew served as Implementation Manager at Epiphany Dermatology where he led acquisition integration. Before that, Andrew was Regional Manager for Aspen Dental where he helped open the State of Texas and helped dentists grow their careers while maintaining the highest standard of patient care. He was responsible for overall operations and ensuring the best patient experience. His teams distinguished themselves by the amount of promotions and patient satisfaction rankings.

Originally from Massachusetts, Andrew now lives in Austin, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs. Additional interests include traveling, soccer and hiking the beautiful Hill Country that Austin has to offer.

Purchasing Incentive?

Purchase one of our X-ray units now through the end of December and receive an amazing Yeti Cooler with it as a thank you from Capital Dental Equipment! Keep it for yourself or they make a great Holiday gift! Please reach out to our helpful Sales team with any questions!


Making A Mark & Sticking To IT

by Mark Del Bosque, Marketing Manager

In the days of cattle drives, a ranch's brand was just as important as the steers you took to market. It was a solemn oath that the animal you were buying was from the person you trusted. Stealing that brand meant the ultimate punishment in the frontier days.

Fast Forward to the present and a brand is a line of clothing or a sticker on your laptop. It still signifies loyalty and now a culture of people. The value of a brand has also significantly risen. Certain musicians sell white shirts with holes in them but add their name to the mix and now you have a product with a substantial margin.

Do the companies of now still hold the standard that ranchers once lived and sometimes died for? I sometimes wonder if we have too many brands in this age of startups and ecommerce. If a company has no standards does it really have a soul or actual value?

As responsible businesses that serve our clients, we must make the effort to carry on the tradition of those hard-working cowboys. Our everyday effort should be to represent our brand and what it stands for.

Make your mark and then hold the line.


Recognizing Potential

by Grace Lemon, Dental Operations Manager at MDS

Mobile Dental Solutions is always excited to see one of their employees grow within the company. As most of you know, Amber Jimerson has taken over the Billing and Collections position at Mobile Dental Solutions. She was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Billing and Collections Coordinator in May of this year! Amber is always a team player and a true asset to the MDS team. She has done a great job taking over the Billing and Collections position and worked hard to streamline some of our processes. While Shawn (Patient Care Coordinator) still verifies patients dental insurance and Applied Income, Amber sends the claims to the insurance companies and HHSC. She also follows up on the payments for all of our payer sources.

If you ever have any questions related to billing, do not hesitate to contact her at or at her direct line 512-270- 5169. We truly love to see talented employees promoted into new roles.


Finding a Need, Solving a Problem.

by Debbie Woods, AnyPlace AUD VP of Business Development

AnyPlace Audiology and Hearing Aids is honored to be serving our Veterans in Corpus Christi each week with their Hearing Loss.

"We started seeing 8 Veterans a day on September 4th two days a week in a Brick and Mortar office.”

reported Debbie Woods, Vice President of Business Development.

Dr. Ashley Richburg, Audiologist and Beth Carmean, Audiology Coordinator are traveling from Austin to Corpus every Wednesday and Thursday and have full schedules through October. The Veterans are thrilled to have set appointments and be able to receive Hearing Aids through the VA.

The new MISSION ACT offers a New and Improved Community Care Program. If there is a wait for a Veteran to be seen over 28 days, the Veteran can automatically be sent to provider in the Community Care Network.

AnyPlace Audiology and Hearing Aids is a proud provider in Corpus and in Austin. They also just were approved to be able to take their mobile trailers out into the rural areas where the Veterans do not have access to Audiological Services.

“We have been working toward this model for the last 12 months. It is fantastic that it has finally come to fruition. We plan on expanding this model to many other areas in Texas and then beyond” Woods added.


Adventures in the great North.

by Brig. Gen.Sean Ryan, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Katherine Leach has just celebrated her nine-year anniversary with Dental Health Management Solutions (DHMS). For her first year on employment, Katherine was an event staffing coordinator supporting Military events. After a year, Katherine split her time between staffing coordinator and helping with the pack out and replenishment of dental supplies.

When the Supply Coordinator position became available, Katherine step up to fill the spot and was promoted into the position. She has done an outstanding job researching and procuring supplies, as well as packing dental supplies and dental treatment equipment for every military event for the past eight years. At Katherine’s seven year with the company, she took on the added rolls of staffing Regional Pano Coordinators, Shipping pano’s, staffing drivers for our Dental Specialty Vehicles (DSV), and staffing drivers and techs for our Mobile Hearing Trailers. At the onset of taking on these additional responsibilities, she was promoted to Supply and Pano Supervisor. Katherine was selected as the DHMS Employee of The Year for 2017.

Katherine has completely revamped the dental supply area, creating a better flow for packing and resupplying. She has added a process of having prepackaged kits to be able to be sent out on a short notice. Along with this process, she has put in place a systematic packing process that ensures accuracy in type and quantity for instruments and supplies required to support remote events all over the Globe.

One of Katherine’s hobbies is fishing. She states that she will keep fishing until she catches a “really big bass”.

We are proud to have Katherine as a valued member of the DHMS family!


What’s going on in HR?

DHMS is still looking for amazing people to join our team. Here are the open positions we are looking to fill:

Austin Location:

HR Coordinator

Warehouse Assistant

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Military Manager

Contracting Officer

If you or anyone you know is interested please send your resume to

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