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A New Season of Business for DHMS

The season is changing and so is DHMS as we charge into 2019 with new technology,staff, and a better way to do business.


A letter from the Doctor.

by John Babineau, D.M.D., Chief Dental Officer

As many of you may know, I have been part of Dental Health Management Solutions for the beginning however, I have transitioned to full time in the business since November 2018.

Our focus for 2019 is to find opportunities to bring conventional healthcare to unconventional settings. The world changes quickly and we are working with several forward-thinking groups to find solutions to their healthcare needs. These solutions almost always improve productivity of the group and saves them money as well.

My initial focus is to look at all our systems that involve dentistry and update policies, best practices, materials, equipment and innovations to improve our service to our customers. The New Year has started out very bright and companywide, our dedicated team, along with all our worldwide network of high-performing providers, have made amazing improvements in all areas of our services.

My role, as Chief Dental Officer is to propel forward the vision and capabilities of DHMS to address the current and future healthcare needs of our customers and potential customers. I am very much looking forward in leading this goal.

Dr J


Staying Social

by Mark Del Bosque, Marketing Manager

It's important to stay connected. We all know that social media is a great place to watch videos, laugh at funny pictures, and stay up to date on what celebrities are doing but we also know that a successful business need to be a part of that network of friends.

DHMS and all its companies have started a social media initiative. The goal is to communicate to more people how we are driving change. We have accomplished so much in the past year and a lot has changed just in these few months, but what if no one ever hears about it? How will soldiers and future patients ever know about the great service our staff provides? Social media will be our soap box, on which we will inform and educate.

You can now find out where Mobile Dental Solutions is providing great care to elderly or how AnyPlace Audiology is forging a new path with the latest technology on our social media sites. We are excited at the huge growth we have on Facebook and how Twitter and Linkedin is following suite. If your wanting to know about how you can be a part of our team or just keep up with our ever-growing business, head over to our pages and give us a like!


Team Member Spotlight

by Grace Lemon, Dental Operations Manager at MDS

Mobile Dental Solutions would like to highlight Robert Dunlap who has been our Registered Dental Assistant for over 2 years! He has been a great asset and has brought a lot of personality to the team! Robert has always been very enthusiastic about being able to help our senior population improve their oral health care. Taking x-rays on our patients is not always easy, but Robert works with the patient to get them completed. Additional, he always helps them feel comfortable during their dental visit. Robert is also very eager to continue to learn more skills so he can provide more services to our patients!

When asking Robert about what his favorite thing about providing dental care to our senior population, he had the below to say:

“Working for Mobile Dental Solutions has been a life altering event for me since I started my employment two years ago. The care and the help we are able to bring to our patients on a daily basis always leaves me at the end of the day feeling like a million bucks! From removing infected teeth that are causing immense pain to delivering a brand new set of dentures that has the patient smiling from the moment they are placed in their mouth, we are bringing little pieces of happiness back to people’s lives. I had no idea what was in store for me when I began here, but I know that I am a better person now.”

Be on the lookout for Robert at our next dental event so you can take a picture with him for our facebook page!


Anywhere you need us.

by Debbie Woods, AnyPlace AUD VP of Business Development

AnyPlace Audiology and Hearing Aids has successfully Launched Telehealth in February!

AnyPlace Audiology has had a busy quarter! They Received their State-of-The-Art equipment, spent a week training and are out the gates being able to serve more Seniors across the State!

The Company has also started the process of working with Veterans locally, so they do not have to travel for services back and forth!

Hearing is one of the few senses that we can improve! I have seen the anxiety and stress relieved when seniors put hearing aids in! They are no longer straining to hear conversations with friends and loved ones. Our goal is to age our Seniors gracefully where they are currently living, to be more social in their communities, and to improve their quality of life. Healthy hearing is so important to improving the quality of their lives and place major roles in their social lives.” comments Debbie Woods during her visit to an assisted living facility.

AnyPlace Audiology & Hearing aids is leading the path to innovation in the world of Audiology but will not forget the importance of human interaction of family involvement and winning the trust of the Seniors and our Veterans.

AnyPlace MD

Audiology/Hearing Aids



Taking Care of Business

by Brig. Gen.Sean Ryan, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dental Health Management Solutions, Military Division has been extremely busy supporting soldiers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Saipan and Guam.

Over the past few months, the Military Division has refocused on the basics and really working to ensure a highly trained and cohesive team stands ready to support our Nationals soldiers. We hired a new Staffing Supervisor and she has truly moved the team to the next level of support. She has provided integration of the team, established territories for each staffing team member, conducted training on staffing systems, and developed “how to” manuals to aide in trouble shooting and filling short notice events.

Our Compliance and Resource manager continues to work closely with Event and Dental leads, ensuring training on latest procedures, and communicating compliance policies before, during and after events. We continue to build our “lead” network to ensure all events are professionally staffed as requirements increase. Our Asset Manager and his expert team have focused on equipment preparation and warehouse optimization.

DHMS continues to purchase upgraded equipment and supplies to ensure soldiers get the best possible support from our portable equipment. We have benchmarked and modified equipment packing so equipment arrives undamaged and ready to support events. Training for support staff, emergency repair kits, quick look trouble shooting procedures, and skilled oncall staff round out our support to our professional staff so equipment remains fully functional and ready.

The Military Division takes pride in supporting our Armed Forces and assisting to ensure ready and lethal soldiers are available to support our Nation’s needs.


A Win-Win Partnership

by John Woehrle, Vice President of Capital Dental Equipment

Capital Dental Equipment buys, refurbishes, and then resells digital radiography equipment. The first step in the process is finding the product to buy. We work with two great partners who help provide us with a consistent source of products to purchase.

Vatech America is constantly updating its CBCT offerings. Since their existing customers have been so happy with their first purchase, they are very receptive to purchasing a new Vatech system. Vatech is in the process of buying back their Pax Duo and Pax i3D systems. CDE has the first right of refusal on the Pax Duos and Pax i3D systems that are purchased by Vatech. After we refurbish the systems, we are able to offer a 3 year warranty on the Pax Duos and 5 a year warranty on the Pax i3D systems-including parts and labor! What a great opportunity for a dental practice to get into CBCT at a fraction of the cost of a new system!

Carestream Dental has a 2019 Promotion where they will buy back competitive products. CDE works closely with Carestream to evaluate the products that they are considering purchase. After an agreement is reached, we have access to a multitude of CBCT brands including Gendex, Instrumentarium, iCAT, Soredex, Sirona, and Planmeca. While no formal buy back program for Carestream products exist, we typically have a few on hand, as well.

Capital Dental Equipment is constantly looking for opportunities to help dental practices acquire digital radiography systems at a price that makes sense. If you are looking to buy or sell a pan/ceph or CBCT system, please let us know. We will be happy to help!


What’s going on in HR?

by Katelyn Clark, Human Resource Supervisor

DHMS is still looking for amazing people to join our team. Here are the open positions we are looking to fill:

Austin Location:

Contracts and RFP Procurement Officer

Dental Treatment Coordinator

Controller/Accounting Manager

CDE Technician

Open Locations:

Regional Pano Coordinator: Contract/Part-Time

Driver CDL required: Contract/Part-Time

If you or anyone you know is interested please send your resume to

Also, we are rolling out a new travel and expense form for all contractors, once this update form is sent out to all contractors we will no longer accept old versions.

Also, we are rolling out a new travel and expense form for all contractors, once this update form is sent out to all contractors we will no longer accept old versions.


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