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2019 Updates for the New Year

What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal

on what you bring to the new year.


Future Present

by Mark Del Bosque, Marketing Manager

The Science fiction and current reality are becoming more similar as we progress in technology. Not just the super advanced breakthroughs but the more common and practical advances.

As I concentrate on how to communicate better with our audience, I am relying heavily on the digital medium. Video is all that the marketing community is chanting for 2019 and it would be grave mistake to not start producing content that our community is expecting but the world of advertisement has grown into a classical practice. Don't ignore traditional means of communications and be where the competitor is not. If your personal network is developed, then picking up the phone to talk about that new video might be the key to closing your next deal.

In a world with AI, algorithms, and data streams, knowing someone is just as important when gaining their trust for business and we always go with the one we trust.


Welcoming a New Member to the Team

by Grace Lemon, Dental Operations Manager at MDS

Mobile Dental Solutions (MDS) would like to introduce our newest team member Francesca Ferguson who will be the new Onsite Coordinator for MDS. She will be joining the already existing clinical team that includes Dr. Adler and Robert (dental assistant). As the onsite coordinator, Francesca will serve as your main point of contact while the dental team is onsite to ensure that your community and residents receive the best quality dental services. You will see her in the hallways taking the residents to our dental area and back to their room after their visit (While she is a registered dental assistant, she is not a certified CNA so she is not able to transfer patients in and out of their wheelchair. She is only able to push their wheelchair to our dental room). Francesca will provide the patient’s nurse with important follow up information that could include prescriptions and post-operative instructions. She will also be able to answer any of your clinical questions regarding your resident’s dental visit or take referrals for any residents that are having dental issues. Additionally, she will make sure the dental progress notes for each patient seen at your community is left onsite with for you.

Francesca has been married for almost 9 years. Together her and her husband have 3 small dogs. She joined the Air Force right after high school and served a 6-year contract. During her service, she was station in Colorado and California and deployed a couple of times overseas. When she got out of the military, she started going to school to become a dental assistant. When she accomplished that, she started taking prerequisite classes for dental hygiene school. She and her husband moved back to Texas after he got out of the military and they bought their first house in Round Rock. In her free time, her and her husband enjoy traveling to Corpus Christi and San Antonio to visit family.

You can contact Francesca at .

Please join us in welcoming Francesca Ferguson to the MDS family!



by Debbie Woods, AnyPlace MD VP of Business Development

A NEW Study that was Published in November 2018 in The American Geriatrics Society completed a study “Longitudinal Relationship Between Hearing Aid Use and Cognitive Function in Older Americans”. The Randomized Study started with almost 35,000 patients and the Final Sample Analysis was over 2000 Patients. This is a subset from the Health and Retirement Study. (HRS Study)

Here are some of the recent results of the Study:

  • This study was a Community-Based cohort of Older Adults and the trajectories of the individuals before using Hearing Aids were compared to those after beginning to use hearing aids.

  • The Number of people living with Dementia is projected to increase 57% in the next 2 decades, from 46 million to 72 million in 2050.

  • Intervention on Risk Factors not including Hypertension, prevented 35% of dementia cases and the strongest midlife factor was Hearing Impairment

  • The Prevalence of Hearing Impairment increases to 30% of Individuals aged 65 and older

  • 70%-90% on 85 and older having a Hearing Impairment

  • Only 1 out of 7 Age 50 and older with Hearing Impairment wear hearing aids.

  • This Declines to 1 in 20 for working Aged adults (50-59)

  • On Average, respondents used hearing aids for the first time at 62 years old.

  • Depression and Chronic Disease scores were associated with lower memory scores.

  • In Sum, the study observed a slower decline in episodic memory Performance in HRS Participants with Hearing impairment after they began to use hear Aids.

The bottom line to this newly published study, is that Senior Communities should be PROACTIVE to help their Residents AGE IN PLACE!!!!

AnyPlace MD

Audiology/Hearing Aids



Welcome Dr.John Babineau

by Brig. Gen.Sean Ryan, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dental Health Management Solutions (DHMS) ended 2018 strong and started off the New Year providing mobile, portable and on-site healthcare solutions to Reserve and National Guard Soldiers around the Globe. DHMS would like to thank all our dedicated full-time staff, and our world-class professional network of amazing providers and support staff for an incredible year supporting our Service Members.

DHMS would like to welcome, Dr. John Babineau in his new role as our full-time Chief Dental Director. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Babineau has been involved with DHMS as an owner, Advisory Board member, and strategic leader. His professional Dentistry skills, strong communication, innovation, passion and commitment are already proving to be invaluable. We look forward to his expert guidance and assisting in fine tuning our ability to deliver, “Conventional Care in Unconventional Settings”.


Contracting, Business Development, and Updates

by Violet Arocha, Contracts Officer/Business Development

As we approach a new year and gaining more contracts for 2019, DHMS is diversifying and expanding our footprint in other areas nationwide. We realize communication is key to any success and what better way to do that than through Social Media! DHMS strives to be as social as possible and has all our social media pages updated daily. In case you didn’t know we are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

With this said DHMS is always looking to build to our Healthcare database. If you or someone you know is currently seeking new opportunities, please send your resume to our dynamic staffing team to get you set up. We are always seeking PA’s, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienist, and oral surgeons available for PRN and temporary work in Jails, Prisons, and at our various Military events nationwide.

If you are currently working with us on our military events or have a change in your employment status, please give us a call.

Thanks again for trusting in DHMS and looking forward to helping your find your next assignment! Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn .


A New Year of Great Service

by John Woehrle, Vice President of Capital Dental Equipment

We have been BUSY at Capital Dental Equipment. As you know, Capital Dental Equipment purchases, refurbishes, and resells digital radiography equipment. In the last two months, we more than doubled our inventory of CBCTs and Pan/Cephs.

Much of our inventory is purchased directly from dentists. Our other major source of products is the result of close relationships with Carestream and Vatech. Both companies visited recently. They and other manufacturers frequently run buy-back programs. We work closely with each company to help set pricing and then purchase the pre-owned equipment. After we carefully inspect and refurbish each system, we then make them available for sale.

We have never had a more diversified inventory. In fact, our warehouses are bursting at the seams. With our great inventory, and the need for more space, there has never been a better time to purchase from Capital Dental Equipment.

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to help the dental community deliver dental treatment to our community’s most needy.


What’s going on in HR?

by Katelyn Clark, Human Resource Supervisor

Hey Austinite’s, do you or anyone you know looking for a job? If so, we have an opening for the Executive Assistant position! If interested, please email your resume to

We are an awesome company to work for and with a lot of new changes this year, we are happy to introduce a new PTO policy. So, if you or a friend is looking for a fun and energetic place to work please send them our way!


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