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Medical and Audiology
Trailers for Rent

We provide elite turn-key mobile medical / laboratory platforms personalized to your vision by inspiring unique memories and reinventing experiences.


Our company's experience provides a unique opportunity to deepen relationships with customers and clients in an intimate way.  We can elevate your medical / laboratory services through our unparalleled customer service and full customization. 

Medical/Dental and Audiology Trailers

DHMS has the most innovative audiology and medical trailers for mobile hearing screenings, tests, and more.


Our Audio Trailers are equipped with Benson Audiometers, which can see eight patients every 7-10 minutes.

Our trailers are also equipped for sprint testing. 

Medical/Dental Trailers 

DHMS has Medical/Dental trailers available for rent at any time.


Medical and Audiology Trailers

The mobile trailers are constructed and finished using the exact same material as all of our trailers offerings, which is our standard.

Our trailers have a separate exam, operator, and audiology spaces that are individually accessed and climate-controlled.

Each room comes with a keyed-lockable floor and wall medical storage cabinetry, a dressing nook, dental equipment needed for the full operation of dental trailers, and fully built-out audiology rooms for the simultaneous screening of 8 patients. 


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