DHMS CORRECTIONSDenCorr, our Correctional Facility Mobile Dental Solution is a completely mobile and portable onsite compliant dental health care management solution. It’s designed to adapt to correctional and reform facilities for both juvenile and adult patients.

DHMS have been providing mobile dental care and staffing services for Correctional facilities, Jails, and Prisons for over 5 years.  Our experienced team helps proactively mitigate risk through contingency planning and exercises. Our onsite services minimize the public concern in transporting inmate to civilian dentists and the time consuming, expensive use of officers to transport inmates for dental services.

In addition, our risk mitigation protocols provide accurate and timely reporting to include: Daily Tool Counts, Monthly/Quarterly Treatment Reports, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Quality Assurance, a Production Matrix and Discrepancy Reports.

We handle all aspects of the delivery of general dental care to inmate populations: management, labor, material, needed equipment, certifications and supplies necessary to provide all requested services in a HIPAA/OSHA/HIOSH compliant environment.

Our customized solutions will meet compliance with the contractual, legal and professional requirements, while providing cost-effective, efficient, flexible and dependable services.

DenCorr Solution offers the following onsite services to inmates: Diagnostic, preventive, clinical hygiene, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, restorative, limited endodontic, and removable prosthodontics extractions/oral surgery. In cases of complicated oral surgery and endodontic cases are able to referred to network Dentists in the surrounding area.

For more information please call 512-989-6990 ext. 118 / 888-953-3682 or e-mail:  DenCorr@usdentalsolutions.com

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