Our Story

It Began With Frustration...

Before DHMS, our CEO, Shane Stevens, began his career as the Director of five assisted living centers. Faced with endless frustration that he couldn't find quality dental care for his senior residents, he and his wife, Jennifer Stevens, were driven in 2003 to start up DHMS in the heart of Texas.

After a year of delivering dental care to senior communities, DHMS quickly recognized that it wasn't only our seniors that were in need of improved dental services. Ever since, DHMS has been successfully redefining traditional definitions of Dental Healthcare for Military Readiness events, correctional institutions, assisted living facilities, corporate settings, and community health.

Everyone Deserves Quality Dental Care

At Dental Health Management Solutions, our mission is to be a leader and innovator in the management of non-traditional Dental Healthcare solutions.

We bring Dental Health solutions directly to a variety of sectors where their need is high, but their access to it is low.